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Get to know us! 

Brent Deacon


Hi! I’m Brent Deacon, my wife (YIP) and I purchased  Precision Moulding and Woodworking in 2019. I have been working with Precision Moulding for years and have always wanted to own the company.  I grew up on a hardwood sawmill in the mountains of Virginia, and I  am a 6th-generation in the wood product business. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I just knew it would be something in the wood business!  I went to college at Virginia Tech and received a Wood Science Degree there.  I have worked in about every division possible in the wood business my whole career before acquiring Precision Moulding.


When I purchased Precision, I was fortunate enough to have inherited a highly talented team of professionals. They keep the mill running like a fine-tuned machine!

My number one priority at Precision is ON TIME DELIVERIES! We offer the same great products and skilled craftsmanship that Precision has been known for since 1989, but we have streamlined our operations. We are dedicated to updating machinery and constantly striving for more efficient procedures to better serve our customers.


Diep (Yip) Deacon


I’m Diep (Yip) Deacon, co-owner of Precision Moulding and Woodworks and Brent's wife. I came to the US in 1992 as a Vietnamese refuge, became a citizen in 1998, and acquired a Business Management degree from Mount Olive University. Entrepreneurship is in my blood. My family came to the United States as refugees and work our way up from restaurant servers to factory workers to entrepreneurs. My dad always said, "When working for someone, always give it your all, learn as much as you can, take a risk, and so you can be your own boss one day." I am very familiar with the woodwork industry. Growing up in Vietnam, I was surrounded by sawdust as my dad was carpentry and make everything by hand, and my uncles were loggers. Brent and I met when we both worked for an international wood company called the Mohring Group, I was a veneer/logs sale rep, and he was in log procurement. After moving to VA, I worked for another veneer manufacturing and timber company for ten months, as it was tough being a woman in a male-dominated industry and was being treated unequally. With the support of my family and Brent, I resigned from that company and opened my own trading company, QC Veneer & Logs LLC, in 2009 to export veneer and logs to Southeast Asia and Europe.


In 2011, with 2nd kid on the way, we moved back to New Bern to be closer to my family and open our softwood log yard in Vanceboro, NC. We have done business with Precision Moulding and Woodworks for years. When we heard Mr. Nelson was retiring, we both knew we wanted to diversify our business and own something locally to serve the local market as we fell in love with New Bern. We saw the opportunity to serve our domestic market and create more local jobs, from custom woodworks to manufacturing to government contracting. Brent & I work as a team. He handles everyday productions and hands-on with customer service and sales. I am behind the scenes with manufacturing sales, new business development, purchasing, logistics, bookkeeping, and accounting. Our employees are the largest and most important assets we have as a service and manufacturing small business. We are very thankful for our talented staff and the support of our small community.

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