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Live Edge Tables

Live edge is a style of furniture that features the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. If you can dream it, Precision can build it! 


Precision offers a selection of Live Edge tables that are second to none. Our facility has the kiln dried and heat sterilization needed to produce the finest furniture pieces available. We supply quality slab cuts made from Red Oak, White Oak, Cypress, Juniper, Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Sapele, Ipe, Walnut, Poplar, Hickory, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Heart Pine and more.

Live Edge Tables

Live Edge Slabs

Live edge slabs are as unique and individual as the trees that they were cut from. They come from a cut of wood that keeps the natural lines of the outer edges of the tree trunk on either one or two sides.


Live edge slabs are traditionally used in mantles, countertops, and other one-of-a-kind pieces. Slabs are sought after for their natural, unique beauty, and add that special touch to an otherwise ordinary space.

Precision Moulding and Woodworks stock many species of live edge slab lumber. We have a sawmill operation and a custom wood shop where our skilled craftsmen can build one of a kind furnishings entirely from slabs or in combination with many different types of lumber or building materials.


Live Edge Countertops

Interior decorators, bath and kitchen designers have discovered the beauty of live edge countertops. And the consumer with a discriminating eye has embraced the style making it soar in popularity.  


Live edge wood is not only being used for table tops and furniture. Live edge countertops are a great material for island and perimeter countertops. They can add an unsurpassed warmth to a transitional or open-plan home. Incorporated on the perimeter of island countertops, a permanent finish gives your countertop a waterproof and stainproof surface.


River Tables, Glass Inset Table and anything you can dream of! 

River tables, glass inset tables add an elevated air of sophistication to a dining room. An involved process that requires skilled tradesmen, Precision delivers the quality you are looking for. 


The tables in this gallery demonstrate some of the finishing and construction options available for specialty live edge tables. If you can dream, Precision can make it! 

river tables