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Used to enhance the flooring and guard the walls against scuffing. The size of the room and height of the ceiling should be determined baseboard size and profile.


Precision creates a variety of mouldings to suit your traditional, custom, larger custom, or contemporary needs. 

Reasons for Custom Moulding
  • To match the trim on a historic home. Historic homes built commonly had mouldings made on-site by craftsmen using hand moulding planes and chisels.

  • The profile you have chosen is not available in the wood species you prefer.

  • The profile you have chosen is not the right size for your home.


Reasons for Custom Moulding:

AdobeStock_200740339 (1).jpeg

Crown Moulding

Used to trim around the top of a wall in a room with a low or high ceiling. Many combination of designs is used to complement the room.

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