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Our Services


Precision delivers timeless joinery techniques that compliment wood characteristics - strength, flexibility, toughness, appearance. We offer but are not limited to: Butt joints, Miter joints, Edge joint, Dovetail joint, Mortise and tenon joint, and Dado joint. We take pride in our accurate surfacing and shaping.


Precision creates a variety of mouldings to suit your traditional, custom, larger custom or contemporary needs.

Bandsaw Resawing

Our extensive bandsaw equipment allows us to cut a sawn plank of wood into thinner planks. We cut the lumber along its grain, parallel to the face.

Oliver Straitoplaner

Our 'Oliver" Straitoplane takes the warp out of all kinds and sizes of boards by planing simultaneously both sides straight and parallel in one operation. This produces straight, flat, even thickness of stock which saves of time, produces less waste and lowers production cost.  


Precision can design and develop custom wood packaging according to your products demands. We offer the highest level of protection for your product during transit. Precision can custom engineer wooden braces or boxes for your product needs, specifications, or delivery requirements.

Production Capabilities

  • Straight line rip

  • Gang rip

  • Re-saw

  • 6-head moulder

  • Glue-up


Equipment List

  • Weinig moulder

  • Oliver straitoplaner

  • Kiln

  • Gang rip saw

  • Straight line rip saw

  • Xeno chipper

Our species

  • White Ash

  • Jatoba (Braz. Cherry)

  • E. Red Cedar

  • Spanish Cedar

  • Cherry

  • Cypress

  • Pecky Cypress

  • Elm

  • VG Fir

  • Red GUM

  • Hickory

  • Pecky Hickory

  • Pecan

  • Ipe

  • Juniper

  • Black Locust

  • African Mahogany

  • Geniune Mahogany

  • Birds Eye Maple

  • Hard Maple (Natural)

  • Hard Maple (White)

  • Soft Maple

  • Ambrosia S. Maple

  • Red Oak 1C & Btr.

  • White Oak 1C & Btr.

  • Plain Curly White Oak

  • Qtr. Curly White Oak

  • Water Oak

  • Paduak (Bloodwood)

  • OGGT Pine (2.5")

  • Poplar

  • Purple Heart

  • Redwood

  • Sapele

  • Sycamore

  • Osage Orange

  • Teak

  • Black Walnut

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